4/6 Rosters Released and Update

Updated Tuesday April 3, 2018 by John Hand.

Thanks for playing this season!  Team rosters are released, and everyone should have an email listing their coach and roster.  If your want to add or change your email address, visit our web page and do so on your account.  You can have several email addresses on your account if you want to add grandparents, or work email addresses.

Next Up...

Field Day is postponed due to weather till Saturday April 15 9am   The league is contracting work on the infields, and primarily Field Day activity is setting up equipment and sponsor banners.   Coaches that day will be getting equipment, Dicks coupons and uniforms to hand out.  We may have the Raffle tickets ready then too.

Look for communications from our coaches and they will be the source of much of your team information going forward.  The League will broadcast a weekly update, typically on Fridays, and will email out game rain outs and such.  If you enable texting on your account, you can get text weather updates on rainouts there too.

Everyone is encouraged to use the SiPlay web site and/or the SiPlay app for communication, as opposed to having personal email lists.  SiPlay will send game reminders, ask for confirming attendance and so forth.

Some commonly asked questions:

1) Practices...are determined by your coaches.  Coaches...field reservation email to come out shortly.

2)  Games start per your schedule.  Generally...

       T-Ball         5/2 
       Single A    4/29 
       Double A   4/24 
       Triple A     4/24
       Majors       4/25
       Babe Ruth  4/24

3) Pitching Rules...at AA, AAA, Majors and Babe Ruth, NBL places restrictions on number of pitches thrown and use by any particular player with rest requirements.  The Coaches will manage.

4)  Equipment requirement...

     All players need to provide glove and helmet.
     Baseball pants, belt and socks are encouraged at AA and above but not required.  
     No metal cleats.
     No big barrel bats at Majors or below.  2 1/4" barrel size is the diameter for Majors and lower levels.

5)  Picture night is set for second week of May with exact time slots to be determined.

As a reminder to all, please consider our sponsors.  We also have coaches report all scores from AA, AAA, Majors and Babe Ruth to the Gazette and Your Niskayuna papers, so keep an eye out for your friends and neighbors in the paper. 

Lastly, Nisky Baseball supports the NHS School teams and is happy to be able to share our fields with them for several games this coming season.  Look for emails on those games, as well as tournaments coming to our fields later this summer.

Enjoy the season of Nisky Baseball!