Concession Requirements

UpdatedWednesday May 3, 2017 byJohn Hand.

AA, AAA, Majors and Babe Ruth parents, we hope this is a reminder and not new information...

Home teams are asked to staff our concession during the season when playing on the AA (Field 3), AAA (Field 4), Majors Field or Babe Ruth.   Except for Majors, from each concession stand you can see the field of play. 

Concession is both a service to our players and families, and also a valuable source of funds to the league. 

Concession options include doing by time as opposed to innings, swapping coverage with a friend on another team on an off night, or asking an older sibling typically a junior/senior in high school to cover.

Concession can get overwhelming if just one team covers, and its important both home teams help out.  

As a reminder, T-Ball, Single A, and teams playing at the GE Fields do not have any concession coverage responsibilities.

Please keep in mind volunteer coaches have plenty on their plates setting up fields, warming up and ensuring all players play equitably and successfully to have to also last minute find concession coverage.  Please be considerate with your fellow team families and coaching staffs.

Thanks in advance for helping with concession duties.