June 9 Update

Updated Friday June 9, 2017 by John Hand.

Around the horn...

1) Any accounts on strictly NYCAP.RR have not been getting emails since Wednesday.   Its a Spectrum issue and they are reporting it should get resolved in a day or two.   If you are communicating via email through SiPlay, you may need to ensure all get your emails.  If you only have nycap email on your account but have another email address, consider adding it to your account to get notifications.

2) Saturday the Nisky COOP will be distributing ice cream vouchers at the Lower Fields.  Support our local community grocery!

3) Raffle Tickets..

Ticket #3980 - Southwest gift card
Ticket #4658 - Target gift card
Ticket #2480 - Target gift card
Ticket #1633 - Echo dot

If you have the ticket, claim your prize by emailing Tracy Morra.  tkmorra@yahoo.com

4) Chipotle Nisky Baseball Night is Tuesday June 20.  Circle the date on your calendar.  Mention the Nisky Baseball fundraiser or bring along a copy of the coupon.  

5) Coach Bianchi Summer Camp and Sandlot information

Coach Bianchi Camp
July 3-6     8:30-10am Lower Fields at Blatnick  5 to 8 year olds  $70
July 10-13 8:30-10am Lower Fields at Blatnick  7 to 10 year olds  $70
July 17-20 8:30-10am Lower Fields at Blatnick  9 to 12 year olds  $70

Coach Bianchi Summer Sandlot
July 3-6     10:15-11:45 Lower Fields at Blatnick  7 to 12 year olds $40
July 10-13 10:15-11:45 Lower Fields at Blatnick  7 to 12 year olds $40
July 17-20 10:15-11:45 Lower Fields at Blatnick  7 to 12 year olds $40


(Note this email came twice yesterday because of the Spectrum issue.)


6) Pictures from Big League Pics will be distributed June 24

7) Trophies for T Ball and Single A are provided by the League.  We will coordinate delivery.  Likely June 24 as well.

8) Circle on your calendar July 27th weekend.  Nisky is hosting at Blatnick Park the Babe Ruth Mid Atlantic Regional.  Hosting 26 games over 5 days, come out and support our team and see great regional baseball.  Winner goes on to the Babe Ruth World Series!

Enjoy the weekend!