July 25 Babe Ruth Mid Atlantic Regional Schedule

Updated Friday July 7, 2017 by John Hand.

Nisky Hosts the Mid Atlantic Regional this summer, starting July 25.  Here is the schedule:

POOL A                       
Northern NJ                                         
Western NY                                         
HOST: Niskayuna                               

POOL B                   
Southern NJ                                         
Eastern NY

Tuesday, July 25th Visitors vs Home

Game 1  11:30 am   Southern NJ vs Eastern NY
Game 2  2:00 pm   Northern NJ vs  Pennsylvania
Game 3   4:30 pm  Delaware vs Maryland
Game 4  7:00 pm  Western NY vs HOST

Wednesday, July 26th Visitors vs Home                              
Game 5  11:30 am  Pennsylvania vs Western NY
Game 6   2:00 pm   Maryland vs Southern NJ
Game 7   4:30 pm   Eastern NY vs Delaware
Game 8  7:00 pm   Northern NJ vs HOST

Thursday, July 27th Visitors vs Home                                 
Game 9  11:30 am  Western NY vs Northern NJ
Game 10   2:00 pm  Maryland vs Eastern NY
Game 11   4:30 pm  Delaware vs Southern, NJ
Game 12  7:00 pm  HOST vs Pennsylvania

Playoffs: Friday, July 28th Visitors vs Home
Game 13 11:30 am  2nd place pool B vs 3rd Place Pool A
Game 14   2:00 pm  2nd place pool A vs 3rd place pool B
Game 15 4:30 pm  4th place Pool B vs 1st Place Pool A
Game 16  7:00 pm  4th place Pool A vs 1st Place Pool B

Semi-finals: Saturday, July 29th  Visitors vs Home                                                     
Game 17 10:00 am  Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 15
Game 18   1:00 pm  Winner Game 14 vs Winner Game 16                                                             

Championship: Saturday, July 29th   Visitors vs Home                                                    
Game 19        7:00 pm  Winner Game 17 vs Winner Game 18


(the Home Team will be the higher seeded team. If both teams are equal, a coin flip will be used.)