Sept 12 Picture Update

Updated Tuesday September 12, 2017 by John Hand.

Here is a photo update:

Nisky Baseball has not gotten a resolution from its chosen photographer this past recreation season.  The supplier: GND Studios dba Big League Pics with offices located 127 Mohawk Ave Third Floor Scotia NY 12302.  Phone 518-688-1700.  Email

Pictures taken May 1 and May 12 were due by the first week of June or thereabouts per expectations, and then promised for June 24.  As of the last week of July, GND Studios communicated it was changing printers as delays were due to the printer.  The new printer was due to go to print the second week of August.  We did not receive any updates till yesterday. The latest update says both Nisky Baseball and Nisky Softball are delayed and a new process is being used to print.  No updated timelines have been supplied.

The League regrets choosing GND Studios for its product and submitting its participants to this lack of service.  It has come to our attention that GND is also in delay with several youth groups locally over the past year, including Niskayuna Softball.  

Please be assured we will not being using or recommending GND Studios for any future pictures.

We share your concern on your deposits, financial and privacy data as well as the controller ship of youth pictures.  Not to mention the loss of the memories associated with those pictures representing the season.  The true intention of the service.

Please note individual purchases by families are transactions direct between the family and GND Studios.  We understand checks have been cashed and credit cards run.  Nisky Baseball is not however privy to the quantities of orders placed or amount and hasn't received any proceeds from the pictures.

As we have investigated ways to resolve, we have been asking for updates and hoping for the best. 

At this point, we have concluded that we must seek third party help.

We have reached out to the NYS Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection. They encourage submitting this form online to begin the process.  We encourage you do so as well.

Again we regret having our constituents go through this and the players not to have received their pictures. We will communicate any credible updates as we get them.