Fraud Reporting - Picture Delivery

UpdatedWednesday November 29, 2017 byJohn Hand.

In regards to the 2017 Recreational Baseball Pictures, we have the following update.

The NYS Bureau of Consumer Frauds & Protections has asked Nisky Baseball to ask all of its members that haven't received their pictures to complete their fraud complaint form. 

If you haven't already done so, please fill out the attached form online.  When filling out, please chose "Consumer Frauds Albany" in the first drop down box. 

If you have had poor service experience with GND Studios doing business as "Big League Pics" with other sports or similar youth programs, please mention the organization in the form.  Also feel free to share this form with your friends and colleagues that may also have had issue with delivery of pictures.

Please note, if you have used your bank or credit card fraud protection to receive your money back, please still complete the form and include that you have used your bank service in the short term.