8U, 9U, 10U, 12U Travel Workouts/Tryouts

Begins 1/6/2019

Updated Tuesday December 11, 2018 by Dave Fields.

Niskayuna Baseball sponsors travel-level and Cal Ripken All-Star baseball in addition to the rec-program. 

Players with advanced skill seeking increased competitiveness can register for 4 weeks of travel-level workouts at the 8U, 9U, 10U, or 12U level.  At the conclusion of 4 weeks, team rosters will be selected and those deemed ready for those levels will register for further travel-based activities, including 5 more weeks of workouts.  For ALL players, the rec season registration will open in January.

The travel workouts begin Sunday January 6th at the Union College Fieldhouse.  Although time slots have not been finalized, the workout will last about 1 hour and fall between the hours of 5-7pm.

Since the term "travel" means different things in different sports, please understand that while our mission is to develop as many baseball players as possible, not every player makes a travel team.  We don't hold ourselves to a hard number of "spots" on teams, instead we schedule creatively and allow for greater roster sizes depending on how many players are physically and emotionally ready for this level.

If interested, please log on to www.niskybaseball.com  and click REGISTER at the top.


4 weekly sessions = $55

Choose the correct age level:  Use the players age as of APRIL 30, 2019, or the team the player was with last season.