Coaching Rules & Guidelines

  • Game-Day Duties for Coaches

    All coaches, managers and teams are expected to adhere to the following procedures. Please print and keep a copy of the game-day duties with ... More
  • Coaches Code of Ethics

    All NBL coaches must read, sign and adhere to the Coaches Code of Ethics each baseball season. Coaches Code of Ethics I will place the ... More
  • Player and Parent Conduct

    Head coaches and assistant coaches must emphasize the following rules and responsibilities concerning their players and fans before, during and ... More
  • Scorebooks, Scorecard Templates

    Scorebooks are available at the Babe Ruth Clubhouse 2nd floor. The attached scorecard template can be printed and used, as needed.
  • Pitch-Count Tracker

    All NBL AAA, Majors and Babe Ruth coaches must adhere to the attached player pitch-count limits. Please record your players' pitch counts in... More
  • Coaching Rules and Guidelines

    The attached Coaching Guidelines cover each Cal Ripken level team (T-Ball, Single A, Double A, Triple A and Majors). The attached NBL Rule Bo... More